In an effort to offer the most upfront communication, here are a few policies that allow me to feel safe and valued in my work. 



It is the sweetest gift knowing that my clients are satisfied with the work we do together. Happy clients who also refer my work to others? What could be luckier than that! I so appreciate your referrals. Please make sure to let your friends and family know to share your name if you have referred them my way so that I can send you a personal "thank you"!


Health and Safety:

Our mutual health and safety is a major priority. To that effect, please keep communication flowing when you or a household member is feeling unwell, and I promise to do the same. We can always reschedule for when all parties are feeling their best, and keeping sickness from spreading will allow us to finish our work sooner and more harmoniously. In full disclosure, I have young children in public school settings, and their immune systems are still growing. We may have more sickness in the fall and winter months. I'll keep the communication lines open!

As far as safety is concerned, I reserve the right to exit any project or discontinue work with a client that makes me feel unsafe. This includes both environmental or health/safety concerns (dangerous settings, bug infestations, aggressive pets) and behavioral concerns that make me feel vulnerable to danger. (I am happy to say this has never happened to me before! But I would be remiss to not set this clear boundary.)



Project consultations are paid upfront. If we are consulting and then signing on for the project, that consultation fee is taken as a deposit and will be applied towards the hourly project total upon invoicing. 

Materials needed for the project will be calculated and billed prior to purchasing. Full transparency for your materials will be supplied for your approval, with costs fully outlined. When you are billed for materials costs and render payment, materials will be purchased promptly and receipts will be supplied just as promptly. If additional materials are needed later in the project (sometimes, we have a great idea together and more materials are required, or sometimes the scope of the project grows and takes on a new chapter, etc) then we will bill and purchase in the same manner.

Every four weeks until our work together has reached completion, you will be invoiced for the hourly rate with a clear breakdown of dates and hours spent supporting your project. 

Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Please keep communication lines open regarding payment. For example, if payday is a few days away, I can accommodate that! We just have to communicate! Unless otherwise communicated, payment is expected within 3-5 business days. Prompt payment is a beautiful way of adding value to the work we've done together. 



Scheduling conflicts happen! Please reach out promptly to reschedule. Same-day cancellations will be honored, but the more notice you are able to offer me, the more I will be able to offer my services to others and support my family in this work. Repeat cancellations may result in an inability to work together. In this case, if we have not yet had our initial consultation, you will be refunded less a non-refundable booking fee of $50. If we have started our work together and are no longer able to complete the project due to cancellations, you will be billed for my time up until that point. Unless otherwise communicated, payment is expected within 3-5 business days of being invoiced.


Thank you for reading these important policies! I hope that they will allow us to have a richer connection in our work together.