Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Hanna, and I have long been passionate about creating beautiful and harmonious interior spaces. My passion dates back to childhood, cutting pictures of furniture out of catalogs and pasting design ideas into spiral notebooks. To say I was born for this might be an understatement!

My expertise comes not from formal schooling (though my degree in communication and culture does lend to my ability to connect and communicate) but rather from my own lived experience and from helping friends with their spaces. My family spent six years living in 900 square feet, with no garage or basement and the teeniest 1960s closets you ever did see. All that to say, storage space was at a real deficit. In that time, we welcomed two more babies to our family of three, and maintaining the belongings of a family of five in such a small space required some sharp organization skills. Soon, friends were asking for advice on organizing and decorating their spaces. After nearly a decade of time in a career in the digital marketing world, I made the pivot to fulfill my dream of focusing on interiors. 

I would love the opportunity to make your space work better for you, whether that be implementing new organizational methods or redesigning your space altogether. I can help you stage your home to get it market-ready, or prep that spare room to become a nursery (or home office or guest space). Whatever your project, I'd be honored to make your dream space become your reality.  

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