Collection: Design Consulting and Styling

Let's create spaces that can make you feel incredible in your home.

I strongly believe that our homes are reflections of ourselves. Each space in your home should be a reflection of what brings you joy and contentment. You can also ask a space to bring you something else -- do you want a kitchen that energizes you? Do you want a primary bathroom that delivers spa-like relaxation? We can bring together your ideas for a space, fine tune your style, and curate the space of your dreams. 



Below are two service options. The baseline for our support is in the consultation, where we can walk through your space together to highlight your goals and vision for the space.

If you're looking for guidance, like fine tuning your color palette, furniture and decor advice, etc. then the Consultation á la carte could meet those needs.

If more hands-on support is needed, the Consultation + Project Agreement is the way to go. With this support, I can draft a proposal for materials needed to outfit the space, and procure those materials. I can assist in clearing out your space, working with you or for you to sort belongings that can be stored, donated, or discarded if they do not serve the space we are transforming. We can select finishes, including wall color or wallpaper, window coverings, area rugs or flooring, lighting and plumbing finishes, and more. 


If your space is requiring large structural changes, like removing walls or relocating plumbing, creating additions, or other projects of large scope, you would be best served by another team in our area. While I hope to grow to that level someday, at this time I must admit to my limitations.

Cosmetic changes to transform the aesthetics of your space? That is my expertise! These changes include sourcing furniture, selecting paint colors and/or wallpaper, updating lighting, updating bathroom or kitchen fixtures, installing window coverings, arranging furniture, and decor styling to complete your space. 

Please use the Contact link at the top of the page to connect about your project, or the links below to start our work together!