Collection: Real Estate + Rental Staging

Real Estate Staging:

Ready to list your home, but need help staging it for listing pictures? Well-staged homes sell faster and net a higher sale than unstaged homes. Don't leave that money on the table! Invest in staging services and see that return on investment when you list your home for sale. 

Staging services involve booking the initial consultation, during which time we can outline a list of tasks for how best to stage your spaces for listing. You may take it from there, or you may enlist my support in carrying out the tasks, in which case your consultation fee will serve as a deposit (see "Consultion + Project Agreement" for details). Tasks may include rearranging furniture, moving art and decor, and paint recommendations (for a DIY job, or for hiring out professionals!). We may also work together to pare down visible belongings to store, or decide if there are belongings that you wish to donate or discard. 


Rental Staging:

Are you ready to create a well-styled and fully functional Airbnb or longterm rental? Passive income from rental properties can be a dream come true, but an unfinished or unstyled space can have guests and renters pass your listing by for a property that appears to be in better shape. Let's get your rental space photo-ready and guest-ready with professional styling! 

Our initial consultation will outline areas of challenge, and help me prepare a list of tasks and materials needed to get your rental property truly ready for a five-star guest experience. Use the consultation notes to DIY your space's needs, or hire me on to tackle the list for you! Let's make your space a must-stay experience for visitors to our area. 

 Please use the Contact link at the top of the page to connect about your project, or the links below to start our work together!